• Please go through FAQ's, Timetable pages before you apply.
  • Please fill the application in English.
  • Make sure your email address is correct.
  • Please send your application at least  2 weeks before to the arrival date. Vacancies may filled out if you apply close to the retreat date even, it mention as '' Open for Applications''.  
  • Please well plan your retreat dates. Short notice of cancellation may lead to lose someones' chance to participate the retreat.


After you apply....

  • We will email about your reservation within few days. If you didn't hear from us for one week please send an email to nilambemc@gmail.com
  • Make sure that you reconfirm your reservation before 3 weeks to the starting date if you apply earlier, otherwise it may be cancelled.
  • Please go through FAQ, Time Table pages as well as other information, which will help you to get maximum benefit on stay at Nilambe.
  • How to come to the Centre described on bottom of "Contact us" page. It's better to make a printout and keep it with you in case if you forget the directions.